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Empath releases debut LP Active Listening: Night On Earth via Get Better Records to critical acclaim. 3.5 out of 5 stars from Rolling Stone Magazine, 8.0 score on Pitchfork along with Best New Track.


Our newest addition to the Sub Rosa family, Empath, a buzzy noise-punk band from the great city of Philadelphia has released the lead single off of their debut LP and we’re proud to share some of the amazing press it received in conjunction with Get Better Records.


We are so stoked to announce a handful of shows for the release of the Stumptown Worker's Comp Volume II project. The shows will take place in the three major markets of New York, L.A. and Portland, OR. You can find the full scoop over at Uproxx


We are so proud to have partnered up with Moniker Art Fair to bring Brooklyn, New York two nights of (SOLD OUT) Princess Nokia shows this past weekend.


We're thrilled to announce Musicians Take Aim to End Gun Violence; a music compilation we put together for Stop Handgun Violence with music from Pile, Rogue Wave, Twin Peaks, Sun Kil Moon, The Districts, Madeline Kenny, Wild Pink and more!


Sub Rosa is proud to announce The Workers Comp Volume II presented by Stumptown Coffee. As an homage to Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s illustrious musical past and present, Sub Rosa and Stumptown teamed up to curate the Worker's Comp Volume II, out this May. This is a compilation record consisting of original music, exclusively, from the hands and minds of Stumptown employees. Today, the first single from the record, "Past Lives," by Dommengang premiered via Paste Magazine. Give it a listen below and stay tuned for more new music as we get closer the release date.


Paul Cherry's debut LP, Flavour, landed a sweet Noisey album premiere! Check out all the amazing words that Josh Terry had to say about the "Weirdo-Pop Gem" that is Paul Cherry's Flavour.

photo credit:  Alexa Viscous

photo credit: Alexa Viscous


 Sub Rosa Curation is proud to announce a collaboration between renowned international street art festival Moniker Art Fair and home town hero Princess Nokia. Taking place at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, New York, May 5th & 6th, early bird tickets go on sale TODAY!


Music PR is one of our specialties. Here's a few of our latest press hits! 


Announcing: Philia - Artists Rise Against Islamophobia

Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamophobia is a music and arts collaboration project designed to bring awareness to the growing problem of Islamophobia. According to the Department of Justice, incidents of bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes towards American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have dramatically increased over the past year. Named after the Greek word for brotherly love, Philia aims to connect people through music and the arts and to promote the ideals of civic love and respect across America. Philia includes a vinyl album and digital release followed by multiple live concerts. Proceeds go to benefit the work of Unity Productions Foundation, a nationally recognized nonprofit educational organization that specializes in combating Islamophobia.


Event curation and production is another tool in our box. Here's a few live shows we've had the privilege of curating, booking and producing across the country!